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本文摘要:Apple has approached sports car maker McLaren about a possible acquisition as it seeks to join other tech companies in the motor market.正试图追随其他科技公司转入汽车市场的苹果(Apple),寻找跑车制造商迈凯轮(McLaren),想要想到若无有可能对其展开并购。


Apple has approached sports car maker McLaren about a possible acquisition as it seeks to join other tech companies in the motor market.正试图追随其他科技公司转入汽车市场的苹果(Apple),寻找跑车制造商迈凯轮(McLaren),想要想到若无有可能对其展开并购。The scene: Frankfurt motor show. 场景:法兰克福车展。

A huge darkened room. 一个光线明亮的极大房间内。At the centre is a sports car festooned with women in black turtleneck sweaters. 房间中央摆着一辆跑车,旁边备有数名身穿黑色高领毛衣的女性。A man in a dark shirt walks on to the stage and begins speaking in a stage whisper.一位身着白衬衣的男子踏上舞台,开始公开发表内心独白。In the 1980s we changed computing. 上世纪80年代,我们转变了电脑。

In 2001 we revolutionised music with the iPod and then iTunes. 2001年,我们用iPod和之后的iTunes变革了音乐。In 2007 we built the iPhone and changed the way we live. 2007年,我们打造出了iPhone并转变了人们的生活方式。

In 2015 we made the Watch, which changed time. 2015年,我们建构出有转变了时间的Watch。Now we are taking the next leap. 现在,我们正在迈进跨越性的下一步。

Today I want to show you the future of transport. 今天我想要向你们展出交通的未来。We are calling it…Car.我们称作……Car。

That’s right…Car. 到底……Car。Not Apple car or iCar and not even The Car. 不是苹果汽车、iCar,甚至也不是The Car。Just Car. 就是Car。

We are not wasting a single letter — there is not one excess consonant or vowel. 我们一个多余的字母都想浪费——这个词里没一个多余的辅音或元音。Because today we are redefining personal transportation. 因为今天我们将新的定义个人交通。

Car is like nothing you have ever seen before. Car不同于任何你以往看见过的东西。Before Car there were only cars. 在Car经常出现之前,世上只有汽车。Now there is only Car.而现在世上只有Car。We are so excited about this and I want to share some of Car’s amazing new features. 我们回应十分激动,我想要与各位共享一下Car的部分令人惊叹的新特性。

Let’s start at ground level. 我们从底部开始。Car has an amazing new chassis, built entirely from a new type of carbon fibre we designed specially and which we are calling car-Bonfybre. Car享有令人叫绝的新底盘,几乎由我们专门设计的被称作car-Bonfybre的新型碳纤维修建。

It is the lightest chassis ever, but I want to show you something even more amazing. 这是史上最重的底盘,但我想要向你们展出些更加神秘的东西。This chassis rests on four beautiful axle-mounted rings, which we call Tyers. 该底盘由4个装在车轴上的可爱轮胎承托,我们称作Tyer。On each Tyer are dozens of scientifically engineered grooves, minutely calibrated to maximise grip and sensitivity to give you the most controlled, frictionless driving experience. 每一个Tyer上都有数十条经过科学设计的凹槽,我们展开了准确的计算出来,以便使这些凹槽构建仅次于抓力和灵敏度,给你最高效率、最无滞涩感的驾驶员体验。

We have…reinvented the wheel.我们……新的发明者了车轮。For decades people have had to make do with BMWs and Ferraris but now there is Car. 数十年来,人们为了让进着宝马(BMW)和法拉利(Ferraris),但是现在有了Car。With Car we have taken the best of everything on the market and literally renamed it.凭借Car,我们打败了市场上所有汽车中最差的那些,并且确实地重新命名了它。

The next thing I want to show you is the engine. 下一个我想要向你们展出的部分是发动机。I want to but I can’t because the engine is locked inside and you are not allowed to touch it. 我显然想要让你们目睹想到,但是我做到将近,因为发动机是相同在内部的,你无法摸它。In fact, you are not allowed to look at it. 事实上,你都无法看它。

But, if you were, you would see it was amazing.但是,如果你能看,你就不会告诉,它棒极了。Some have noticed there is no electrical charger socket and that we’ve also removed the petrol cap. 有人找到,Car没电池模块,而且我们还去除了油箱盖。

You’ve asked ‘how do I refill it?’. 你不会回答我怎么补足动力啊?。The answer is that you don’t. 答案是你不必补足。Car refills itself. Car不会自己补足动力。But if for any reason you do find yourself out of power with only a traditional gas station in sight, you can refuel through the exhaust pipe with a new fuel converter dongle that we are selling for just $1,999.但是如果出于无论什么原因,你发现自己没动力了,目光所及范围内只有一座传统的加油站,你可以用新的燃料转换器通过排气管打气,该转换器仅有购1999美元。

But the most exciting thing is in the software. 但是最令人兴奋的地方是软件。Car is the most sophisticated driving machine ever created. Car是有史以来最先进设备的驾驶员器。Car is self-driving. Car是自动驾驶的。Not only will it take you wherever you want to go but where you should want to go. 它不仅能带你去任何你能到的地方,还可以带你去你应当不会能到的地方。

And our new Car Genius will find the route with the best views.我们的全新Car Genius将寻找能喜爱到美丽景色的路线。Car is also the most tax-efficient vehicle ever built. Car还是史上最省税的汽车。

Because it is self-driving there is a question over whose control the car is under. 因为它是自动驾驶的,这其中不存在关于谁掌控汽车的问题。This dual status means that neither of you is definitively liable for road tax.这种双重状态意味著,你和你的Car都不是必需要分担公路税。But even if you were to choose to pay, Car is eligible for the lowest vehicle tax anywhere in spite of the 500 horsepower V8 engine. 但是即使你自由选择交税,Car在任何地区都能享用低于的汽车税——尽管它享有500马力的8缸发动机。This is because of our unique, beautiful corporate structure, which has located the intellectual copyright for Car at our European automotive HQ on the island of Sark.这是因为我们独有、极致的公司架构——我们将Car的知识产权放到了我们坐落于萨克岛(Sark)的欧洲汽车总部。

Car has also been programmed to minimise your exposure to congestion charging, toll roads and parking fines because although it has a physical presence on the roads it is officially registered to a small island in the Caribbean that has given it diplomatic immunity.Car的设计需要仅次于程度地增加你有可能面对的交通拥堵费、过路费和行驶罚款,这是因为,尽管它实实在在地不存在于道路上,但它的官方注册地是一个加勒比海小岛,这使得Car享有外交豁免权。Now look at the inside. 现在来想到内部的情况。We have ripped up the traditional car seats and come up with a completely new sedentary experience. 我们舍弃了传统的汽车座椅,设计出有了全新的搭乘体验。It is the most comfortable, immersive and luxurious way to travel. 它是最舒适度、包覆感觉最弱、最奢华的上下班方式。

We call it Seet. 我们称作Seet。All Cars come with Seet but or our top-of-the-range model Seet is made with the finest Patagonian beechwood.Car全系车辆都备有Seet,不过覆以配版Car上的Seet是由最差的巴塔哥尼亚山毛榉材做成。

Car has two price points. Car有两种建议零售价。The main model retails at just $150,000. 基础款仅有购15万美元。We also have a luxury gold version, with Seet, and without Apple Music, for just $550,000.我们还有一款奢华金色版,备有Seet但没Apple Music,仅有购55万美元。

Car is the future of motoring. Car是汽车的未来。Once you have Car you will never buy anything else. Until Car 2 or Car 2S, which will redefine the redefined experience and should be available in seven to nine months.一旦你享有了Car,你总有一天会再买其他汽车——直到我们发售Car 2或Car 2S,它们将新的定义目前早已被新的定义过的体验,应当不会在7至9个月后面世。